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The President’s Message

Prof Lin Li,
University of Manchester

May 2017

At the AILU AGM on 18th May I took over from Ric Allott as the AILU President. I am greatly honoured to have this opportunity to serve as the next President of AILU. I will do my best to ensure AILU continues to grow and thrive.

I would like to thank Ric Allot for his excellent job leading AILU for the last two years and Dave MacLellan (Executive Director) for the successful delivery of AILU agendas.

Over the last two years, AILU has organised two successful ILAS conferences (2015,2017), is creating a new website, has introduced a new logo, a new AILU magazine style and run a number of workshops and development of UK’s national strategy on laser based manufacturing. The key strength of AILU is its close association with industries, particularly the UK laser job-shop industry.

The things that I would like to put on the AILU agenda over the next two years include:

  • Increasing international collaborations
  • Increasing number of end-user participations in AILU
  • Increasing student participation in AILU
  • Developing an Executive Forum for the CEO, CTOs and group leaders ​